Oil Change in Plantation, FL


Why are oil changes so important?

The internal combustion engine runs on thousands of tiny explosions inside the cylinders. Those explosions create a great deal of heat and carbon, and the carbon makes its way into the engine oil, contaminating it. Modern motor oil formulations contain detergents and other additives that help suspend contaminants in the oil so they can be trapped in the paper element of the oil filer as the oil circulates through the engine.

Eventually the oil filter becomes so saturated with the carbon and gunk that it can't absor any more; at this point, the impurities in the oil will start accumulating on the bearing and other internal assemblies. The imurities in the oil may be only about a micron in size, but they can accelerate wear in the extremely close tolerances between moving parts. The sludgy buildups on the bearings and valve components will also shorten engine life and speed up wear. 

Why the experts at Fuzzy's Tire in Plantation, FL?

The experts at Fuzzy's have been around for over 50 years! At Fuzzy's we pride ourselves in providing the best customer service and the best quality oil changes in Broward County. We also will beat any competition's price! We always have coupons, so do not forget to check out our coupons page before you come to your new go-to shop. Come see for yourself how Fuzzy's Tire in Plantation, FL can help keep your car running smooth!

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